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The following shall constitute the airport influence area disclosure required by EMC 19.17.080:

Your real property is located within the Airport Influence Area of Paine Field. Occupants of properties within the Airport Influence Area may be subject to inconveniences or discomforts arising from aviation activities, including but not limited to noise, odors, fumes, dust, smoke, hours of operation, low overhead flights and other aeronautical activities. Everett Municipal Code (EMC) 19.17.080 requires that you receive this disclosure notice in connection with permits you are or may be seeking. A provision of EMC 20.08.100 provides that “Noise originating from aircraft in flight and sounds which originate at airports and are directly related to flight operations” is exempt from noise control regulations. The City of Everett has adopted airport compatibility regulations in Chapter 19.17 EMC which may affect you and your land. You may obtain a copy of Chapter 19.17 EMC from the City of Everett. In addition, current and future property owners are notified that the Federal Aviation Administration establishes standards and notification requirements for potential height hazards that may be caused by structures, buildings, trees and other objects affecting navigable air space through 14 Code of Federal Regulations Federal Aviation Regulations Part 77. This disclosure may no longer be applicable if the subject property is removed from the Airport Influence Area.

(Ord. 3774-20 § 7 (Exh. 5), 2020; Ord. 3458-15 § 1, 2015.)