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This chapter establishes the standards for the amount, location and development of off-street vehicle parking, standards for bicycle parking, standards for on-site loading areas and standards for access to parking from city streets and/or alleys.

A. Purpose. The purpose of this chapter is to ensure parking and loading facilities contribute to a quality and healthy urban environment, to reduce the number of vehicle miles traveled, to reduce hazards to public safety, and to reduce impacts to on-street parking.

B. Where Off-Street Parking Requirements Apply. The standards of this chapter apply to all development within the city of Everett, including any off-street parking required by the city or put in for the convenience of property owners or users.

C. City of Everett Design and Construction Standards and Specifications for Development. The City of Everett Design and Construction Standards and Specifications for Development, hereinafter referred to as “city design standards,” contain detailed standards for parking lot design, surfacing, and driveways. These standards are administered by the public works director, who has authority to develop, disseminate, revise and update design and construction standards and specifications for all work performed pursuant to construction-related permits issued by the city of Everett. (Ord. 3616-18 § 2 (Exh. 1), 2018.)