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An applicant may propose, and the planning director, using the review process described in EMC Title 15, Local Project Review Procedures, may allow an applicant to deviate from the following standards of this chapter, provided the proposal satisfies the evaluation criteria in Chapter 15.03 EMC:

A. Reduction of off-street parking required by Table 34-1 or 34-2, or for an accessory dwelling unit;

B. Location of off-street parking;

C. Vehicular access to off-street parking, alleys and driveways;

D. Parking area design and construction;

E. Standards for drive-through facilities; or

F. Off-street loading requirements. (Ord. 3774-20 § 8 (Exh. 6), 2020; Ord. 3616-18 § 2 (Exh. 1), 2018.)