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Many areas of Everett have been or may become designated, identified, inventoried, classified or rated as critical areas by the city or other public agencies. This chapter establishes regulations for development within or near all critical areas. If you are interested in developing property identified as containing or adjacent to steep slopes, lakes, streams, marine waters, wetlands, springs, erosion hazard areas, landslide hazard areas, seismic hazard areas, or other unstable soil conditions, you should read this chapter. This chapter contains more stringent requirements than other provisions within this title for affected properties. These regulations supersede any less restrictive requirements contained elsewhere in this title. No action may be undertaken by any person which results in any alteration of a critical area or its buffer unless such alteration complies with the requirements of this chapter. Alteration includes the terms “use” and “development” as defined in this title, and includes any modification of the natural environment of critical areas or their buffer including any clearing, grading, filling and/or excavation. Certain exceptions to the requirements of this chapter are listed in EMC 19.37.050. (Ord. 3676-19 § 1, 2019; Ord. 2909-06 § 1, 2006.)