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A. For all new buildings, additions, or alterations of existing buildings, the planning director and building official shall both have the independent authority to require the applicant to have a survey completed to verify that the setback and height standards of this title are met.

B. Upon consideration of scope of the proposed project and the materials submitted by the applicant, the planning director or building official, in their sole discretion, may require a full survey, limit the required survey to a determination of specified property corners or a bench mark for elevation, or require additional information which will demonstrate compliance without requiring a survey.

C. Where the proposed building, addition, or alteration is within one foot of a required setback or within one foot of the maximum allowable height, the planning director and building official should always require a full or limited survey, unless extraordinary circumstances justify otherwise. (Ord. 3774-20 § 5(U) (Exh. 3), 2020.)