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While a donee employee is using shared leave, they will continue to be classified as a city employee and shall receive the same treatment, with respect to salary and benefits, as the employee would otherwise receive if using vacation leave.

A. All salary benefit payments made to the donee employee on shared leave shall be made by the department employing the person using shared leave.

B. The donee employee’s salary rate shall not change as a result of being on shared leave, nor, under any circumstances, shall the total of the donee employee’s salary and other benefits, including but not limited to state industrial insurance or any other benefit received as a result of payment by the city to an insurer or health care provider, exceed the total salary and benefits which the donee employee would have received had they been in regular pay status.

C. While an employee is using shared leave, the city will continue to pay its portion of the employee and family health insurance benefits, and the employee will pay their portion. Continuation of optional benefit deductions is at the discretion of the employee receiving shared leave.

D. An eligible employee may receive donations to supplement their military pay for a total not to exceed one hundred percent of the employee’s city pay up to a period not to exceed six months in duration. The employee must turn over military paycheck stubs to the city so the city can determine the correct supplemental pay and donated leave amounts.

E. Employees will not accrue vacation, sick leave or other leave benefits while receiving shared leave.

F. Employees using shared leave are not entitled to receive Washington State retirement service credit during the period they are using the shared leave hours. (Ord. 3874-22 § 1, 2022; Ord. 3136-09 § 1(E), 2009.)