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Upon completion of the improvements provided in the contract between the applicant and the city and upon issuance of a temporary or permanent certificate of occupancy, the applicant may request a final certificate of tax exemption. The applicant must file with planning director such information as the planning director may deem necessary or useful to evaluate eligibility for the final certificate and shall include:

A. A statement of expenditures made with respect to each multifamily housing unit and the total expenditures made with respect to the entire property;

B. A description of the completed work and a statement of qualification for the exemption;

C. A statement that the work was completed within the required three-year period or any authorized extension. Within thirty days of receipt of all materials required for a final certificate, the planning director shall determine whether the improvements satisfy the requirements of this chapter;

D. If applicable, a statement that the project meets the affordable housing requirements as required by this chapter. (Ord. 3635-18 § 2, 2018.)