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A. Within thirty days after the first anniversary of the date of filing the final certificate of tax exemption and each year thereafter, for the tax exemption period, the property owner shall file a notarized declaration with the planning director indicating the following:

1. A statement of occupancy and vacancy of the multifamily units during the previous year;

2. A certification that the property continues to be in compliance with the contract with the city;

3. A description of any subsequent improvements or changes to the property; and

4. If applicable, that the property has been in compliance with the affordable housing requirements of this chapter.

City staff shall also conduct on-site verification of the declaration. Failure to submit the annual declaration may result in the tax exemption being canceled.

B. The city shall annually report by December 31st of each year to the Washington State Department of Commerce information as set forth in RCW 84.14.100(2). (Ord. 3635-18 § 2, 2018.)