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Fees listed in Section 16.72.010 shall be doubled for failure to apply for and obtain the permits listed in Section 16.72.010 prior to commencing construction or any land use development activity for which fees are required.

A. This requirement applies to land use permit applications for any action proposed to correct a violation under an enforcement order from the violations hearing examiner or which has been scheduled for a violations hearing before the violations hearing examiner.

B. This requirement shall not apply to any application proposed to correct active land use enforcement actions by the code enforcement division for which a hearing before the violations hearing examiner has not yet been scheduled, provided the applicant is diligently pursuing compliance with the applicable land use regulations.

C. The director of planning and community development shall have the discretion to terminate any application for which the director determines that the applicant is using the application process primarily to delay enforcement. (Ord. 3390-14 § 7, 2014.)