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The purpose of this chapter is to provide for uses allowed in the underlying zones while protecting Paine Field, the Port of Everett, and/or Naval Station Everett from nearby incompatible land uses and development by:

A. Identifying areas where incompatible uses should be discouraged;

B. Notifying property owners if their property is located adjacent to Paine Field, the Port of Everett marine terminal, or Naval Station Everett, that they may experience impacts from operations and may be subject to certain limitations;

C. Recognizing and supporting Paine Field, Port of Everett and Naval Station Everett as essential public and military facilities and significant economic resource; and

D. Promoting land use compatibility between properties located near Paine Field, the Port of Everett marine terminal, and Naval Station Everett and operations at each of these major facilities. (Ord. 3774-20 § 7 (Exh. 5), 2020; Ord. 3458-15 § 1, 2015.)